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"Gavin & The Brown Pelican"
Gig: 15th March 2000. Monash Uni, Churchill    Reviewed: Mon, 9th Dec 2002 by Gru
15th March 2000
Monash University, Churchill Campus
with Mr Brown and Mach Pelican

In front of a very small crowd but with Russ' monster PA system, and Leigh's lighting expertise, gavin played a tight set of their choicest numbers to an approving and cosy little group of uni-goers.

Possible reasons for the small turn out include:
a) Everyone was probably still f**ked from the recent Grinspoon show, mentally and financially.
b) No-body was aware of the fact gavin completely ROCK and thought they'd turn up late to skip them

But the few hardcore, piss-drinking, Monash tribespeople present showed their appreciation with handclaps and sexual favours??. (Well handclaps at least)... But seriously, the highlight of the gig was the high quality of the sound and the surprising honesty of their new song I want to believe. A ballard type tune somewhat different from the previous efforts of gavin. A taste of the future? Only time will tell...

Those hard-rockin pelicans make every gig seem like a festival
Mach Pelican
Mr. Brown

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