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"Greyhound Hotel"
Gig: Greyhound Hotel - 7th June 2000    Reviewed: Mon, 9th Dec 2002 by Gru
With a small crowd of good friends, gavin opened the show in surprising fashion with the pop/shlock favourite Jellybeans - probably the best version ever performed by the band. And the EP favourite Secret Things graciously followed it...

Unfortuantly, this graciousness only lasted until the second chorus of the final track of the Tale of two cities ep ("ep plug" - A Tale of Two Cities by gavin is available at all leading sanity stores- at least the ones that haven't caught on to our little scam yet!). When Jason "I never break strings" Duffett did infact break a string.

After a minute's (or ten's) silence, the band with Jason on Gru's spare shit Ibanez guitar attempted to duplicate their opening track's enthusiasm with a 100 mile an hour version of Transformus (go pete hehehe...). The slightly (very) out of tune melody of Picture Perfect (duff is the only one who really hates it [am i? -duff]) and the unrehearsed sound of Matthew (god you think we could play it by now).

The most beloved tracks of the band, To Catch a King and A Tale of Two Cities, could not even slightly assist the band in their quest for saving face as most of the none friend members of the crowd had become bored and taken refuge in the front bar. With comments like "Don't worry, it'll never happen again" and the discovery of an e-mail explaining that if gavin brought a crowd of up to thirty people to the venue they would be re-booked and also get gigs at the Espy, the future now looks short and ugly for the four piece band who will always be remembered as "you know who I mean, the band from the greyhound that night".

The free beer was ace however, and of course it was John Pellicano that found out about the rider (and drank most of it). On ya ozzie!!

News Flash!!! - We did somehow manage to score another gig :) - Gru
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