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"FishStock 2000"
Gig: Fishstock 2000    Reviewed: Mon, 9th Dec 2002 by Brett Armstrong
26th February 2000
FISHSTOCK 2000, Fish Creek
"all praise to the fish"

A festival in the middle of nowhere, a stage set in a paddock of a farm,
miles of camp space, back stage tents with riders,
a 1km walk from the car to the stage with equipment,
a dead frozen fish, a crap fender amp,
a guy in a suit and a backing band to suit (not really)...
this my friends is gavin at "FISHSTOCK 2000"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Good Evening Fish Creek!!"
A bad decision not to bring the stack down from the car lead to Duff (the tight arse) making Gru use the Fender shit heap amplifier from hell. With no treble controls and a gain stuck on 6, a decent sound was never an option.
But to hell with that! We're all friends here and forgiveness was only a song's play away.

After a slightly rocky beginning, the unmistakable drum carnage of Pete was suddenly evident which drove Gru to the end of a crazed maniac's tether.

With one of the most physical shows of gavin ever witnessed - full of on your knees lead breaks from Duff, the pounding bass of Trav, some acrobatic, aerobic displays from Gru, and the blacksmith drum techniques of Pete gavin pumped out memorable tune after tune.
There were no shortage of classic covers thrown in the 1 1/2 hr set either as the group struggled to keep playing while the next band still hadn't shown up.

The crowd showed their enthusiasm by throwing the frozen fishstock fish on the stage, which the band then threw back to them with pleasure so they could begin mutilating the its dead carcass by kicking it into the dirt.
And of course gavin could only give the crowd one thing in return for the gesture, something to satisfy their cravings - a version of the classic Shadow Warriors.

Ending the set in style with a few minutes of feed back and screams and leaps and other try-hard ingredients, the band jumped in the van and headed off to Inferno in Traralgon to blast away Killing Heidi (not likely). see review?

pete and the now infamous "FishStock Fish"

ooh ah

what a sexy amp you have...

i'm a muthaf**@ing chainsaw!
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