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"Gavin - A name is a name"
    Reviewed: Mon, 9th Dec 2002 by by Buzz Magazine (Oct 2000)

Apologies to all gavin's out there (hi gavin ruteger), Pete had obviously been indulging in a little "Nickoff" before giving this interview (as had the editor before spell checking it :)...

Gavin formed in 1997 from a group of friends that used to hang out in the Gippsland town of Leongatha. Originally The Gavins, the name came about courtesy of the Year 12 students at Mark McKillop college in Leongatha.
"I was in Year 7," says Peter " and they just called each other 'Gavin' for no reason. I went up to an older friend one day (I was in Year 7) and asked 'Why do Youse call eachy other Gavin?'."
He said "There's this guy in Leongatha and he is really dorky lookin', a complete wierdo, have you ever seen Gavin who works here, think of him and think of the word Gavin". I thought about, thought itsuited him and for some stupid reason we took the name at a practise. We've tried to change it but we haven't thought of anything that stood out as well. All the Gavins I have met since then are complete dorks. Try it I bet anybody you meet named Gavin is a dork."

They did the usual playing covers for a while, while they built up their score of original sonds. It was parties, birthday and cover gigs in country pubs that stregnthened their ability.

Their debut 5 track Cd "A Tale of Two Cities" is out now. Gru has written all the songs on the release and there are tracks dealing with topical issues i.e. "Matthew", or local faves "Orange Slime" which has had JJJ airplay.

A local topic 'range Slime' deals with bthe misadventures of Gru and Pete as young lads in Leongatha downing casks of "Nickoff" that swful combo of vodka and orange as they lay paralytic at the skatepark. "It was that orange drinks hit that was totally disgusting. We used to get pissed on it all the time."

Gavin have been successful enough to win a spot with Push PLay Predictions, they have also been invited over to Western Australia to perform for the WHAMI awards. They will also be on the Cd produced for with the Push Play Predictions group. They are also make regular appearances at Inferno Nightclub in Traralgon and have performed with Killing Heidi, and Pre-Shrunk

Gavin are Trav (bass player), Gru Armstrong (vocals), Peter Galati and Jason Duffett.

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