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"Gru in the Luna Lounge"
    Reviewed: Mon, 9th Dec 2002 by Luna Celebrity Lounge
As appeared on the Luna Celebrity Lounge ...


1) Five essential road trip cd's?
Ummmmm, I cant think of anything funny for this so I'll just say my favorite car trip discs...a) On Second Thought - Sandpit b) Chairman of the Board EP. - Motorace c)Elsewhere for Eight Minutes - Something for Kate d) Any of the You Am I albums e) Wahooti Fandango - Custard

2) What is the best song to woo someone with?
Oh definitely True Love Ways by Buddy Holly.

3) What is the best break up song?
Breaking Up - Violent Femmes.

4) What are your opinions on MP3's and Napster?
Bloody Good.

5) What is your favourite Aussie band (besides yourselves)?
You Am I all round I think....but Sandpit if they'd have stuck around.........

6) What is your best live experience (either as a performer or punter)?
Supporting Killing Heidi at Inferno in was huge...

7) If you were to organise a one day festival which could have ANY act that you wanted, which bands would you choose to perform on the day?
Geez I dont know thats a bit hard when you havent given me a maximum number....all my car trip bands even the broken up ones, lo-tel,red jezebel,sea horse radio,shihad, resurect ammonia maybe,geez everyone!

8) What one thing is indispensable to you right now?
My cat Maximus.

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